Wednesday, February 7, 2018


according to Wikepedia ,  otherwise known as Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum,. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

a beautiful principle that we all can relate too, with God as the potter and we are His pottery
most times these breaks in our lives these moments of brokenness are the things that God uses to make us all the more beautiful :) Brokenness is being beautiful, He fills our cracks IF we let Him to the mending and makes us something  into more beautiful , usefull, grace-full, love-able

we should always believe that there is a reason and a purpose for our brokenness, because there is :)

Let us let go and let God do the mending, He will if we only let Him


this corner is for those who we want to forgive and those for whom we pray for forgiveness, let us ask Jesus to help us and open our hearts to forgiveness and forgiving. Look at the Cross and tell Jesus, Lord i want to forgive, im finding it hard to do so, help me. I chose to forgive and leave everything in Your loving hands.


(Archangel of those born on a Sunday) Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, the Commander in Chief of all the hierarchies of the Heavenly Hosts, the Angel who defeated Luciferadn His followers in the first rebellion or creatures against God. By his battlecry: MI-Ca-EL " Who is like unto God?.. the first defender of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Mystery of the Incarnation ( Dan 10:12 12:1 Apoc.12:7)

- ( ARCHANGEL of those born on a Monday ) Special messenger of God, bearer or Gods secret messages to His chosen ones.( luke 1:19) (Daniel 8:19 9:21)

ST. RAPHAEL - ( ARCHANGEL of those born on aTuesday) Healer & Guide for the Christian pilgrim, patron also of Singles wanting to find their partner in marriage.He also gives the light to discern correctly Gods ways and protects us from dangers that befall us on our way to our heavenly home.

ST. URIEL - ( ARCHANGEL of those born on a Wednesday) Archangel of Justice, reminds us of Divine Justice, to whatever we do good or bad, reminds us of the terrible justice of God upon the world for the human pride and Godlessness with which human affairs are conducted.

St. SEALTIEL - ( ARCHANGEL of those born on a Thursday) Archangel of Worship & Contemplation, stands before God with incenser in hand, his angelic purity transforms the love and worship we mortals give to God.

ST. JHUDIEL - (ARCHANGEL of those born on a Friday) Archangel of Divine Mercy. Gods mercy comes to us in every moment of our lives.Without it we would die.Mercy is gracefor bodily and spiritual needs. Mercy is God Himself through the m,erits of Jesus Christ bringin us back to our Heavenly home

ST. BARACHIEL - (ARCHANGEL of those born on a Saturday) Archangel of Divine Providence. the one who was assigned by God to keep watch over His adopted Children taking care that He and the Choirs of Angels assigned to the task guard these transformed souls in all their way, bearing them up ( Psalm 91, 12)

check the Perpetual Calendar in this blog fill it with your birthdate and know which archangel is in charge of you... God bless!